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Industrial Pot 

Industrial Pot for cooking


Model KPT1003


Good-looking Eggplant


Model KPTEP2021

Rotary Table Feeder (RTF) 



Model KPT125

Labelling Machine 

To stick labels on glass, cans, pets, jars and various containers


Model KPTNI5000


For chopping and grinding products such as meat, carrots and onions


Model KPT1400

Pasteurizer Tub 

For the pasteurization process of canned products


Model KPT1009

Drum Lifter or Drum Tilter 

Automatic Drum lifting and Tiltering to unload materials


Model KPT5030

Mono Pump 

To transfer dilute and concentrated liquids


Model KPT 6000

fully stainless steel automatic... 

Special for non-meat and meat canned or/and semi watery solution


Model KPT4HA 2020

Fragile Fruit Washing Conveyor 

Washing vulnerable products such as strawberries, grapes, mushrooms and non-vulnerable (peaches, apricots and the like)


Model KPT4006

pitter machine 

suitable for pitting peach and apricot for fruit nectar


Model KPT 4002

Shrink seal cap 

For sheathing around glass lids and pots and bottles


Model KPTCP6001

semi automatic under vacuum SEAMER 

suitable for Capping metal cans with easy open doors which used for dry fruits and nuts


Model KPT 1H802

Automatic third-HEAD SEAMER 

Suitable for round metal cans of 5000-1000 g


Model KPT3H 4009

Cherry grading machine 

Grading machine or grade of products such as cherries and sour cherries


Model KPTGC2020

Automatic Steam Peeler 

For peeling products such as eggplant, apples, peaches and pears


Model KPT 3400

The date palm paste line 

The date palm paste line is an interconnected unit capable of converting various types of dry and soft dates by the...


Model KPTLDPP2019

Operator's filling line, along... 

Operator's filling line, along with receiver's elevator.


Model KPT5500

Cubical slicer machine 

special for cutting cubical potatoes and similar cases


Model KPTA P96

Automatic four-HEAD SEAMER 

Suitable for all kinds of compote, meat and non-meat canned , fruits juice and edible oil


Model KPT 4H 847

manual seamer 

special for seam(capping) all type of metal cans 500 to 5000 gr


Model KPT M803

Automatic four-HEAD SEAMER 

suitable for capping cans in canned and tomato paste production lines


Model KPT 4H 870

Automatic filler machine 

special for filling cucumbers,olives and garlic in cans or jar


Model KPT 450

Bean filler machine 18 and 27... 

for filling beans or olive in cans or one persons containers


Model KPT 2727

automatic meat filler machine 

for filling fish meat in 120gr, 150gr and 180gr cans


Model KPT 5015

Liquid Filler Machine - for oil... 

Special oil for canned fish


Model KPTFPO8888

Semi-Automatic seamer 

Industrial Packaging Company Khorasan, designer and manufacturer of semi-automatic metal cans equipped with nitrogen...


Model KPT 1H801

Aleppo seamer 

Application: seaming rectangular Aleppo suitable for all kind of Aleppo until volume of 17 kg


Model KPT1 h803

wheeled Preparing tub 

Khorasan Packaging Industry Industry Co.nProducer of washing and draining bathsnSpecial for storing, transporting and...


Model KPT 1002

Automatic filler and seamer... 

Suitable for various kinds of industrial and edible oils


Model F9-H3-S85

Filler machine two nozzles 

suitable for tomato paste, industrial oil and edible and.....


Model KPT 5000

Filler machine 2 nozzles 

suitable for various kinds of jam, fruit pulp, liteh pickle


Model KPT 4011 C

fully automatic filler 

Special for fluids, especially liquid glue with weight control system


Model KPT 4016 MP B

Filler machine three nozzle 

suitable for various kinds of fruit pulp, eggplant caviar and etc.


Model KPT 4014 3A

filler machine one nozzle 

specially for filling dense and semi-dense liquids


Model KPT 270

automatic one nozzles filler 

Automatically fill the viscous and semi-viscous liquids


Model KPT 271

Fully automatic horizontal... 

special for blanch and cooking fish, meat and non-meat canned (tuna fish, bean food and etc)


Model KPT 7500(2019)

Fully automatic horizontal... 

final cook all kind of conserves under steam pressure with cooling system ,Two-purpose canned products under the...


Model KPT 7500(2018)

Semi-automatic horizontal autoclave 

early and final cooking of canned food and compote


Model KPT 55000

Filler machine 

special for Filling fruit compote and cereals canned


Model KPTF2088

Rotary filling machine - 8pistons 

suitable for filling viscous and semi-viscous liquids in bottles and cans


Model KPT 8H 870

Slicer machine 

Suitable for slicing celery, lettuce, eggplant, cucumber and etc


Model KPT 700

fully automatic linear filler... 

Filling liquid wax in metal and non-metallic containers


Model KPT1090

Pasteurizer tunnel machine 

special for canned,pickles and fruit juices production lines


Model KPT 3000

Tubular pasteurizer 

for Tomato paste production line


Model KPT 50000

Cooking platform 

for jam, pickles and eggplant caviar production line


Model KPT 1750

Preparing tanks (formulation... 

Application: preparing and formulating watery and semi dense liquids


Model KPT 21000

cooking platform 

Khorasan Industrial Packaging CompanynDesigner and manufacturer of special baking machine. Pre-cook products such as...


Model KPT CP2017

Two-stage evaporator 

Khorasan Industrial Packaging CompanynTwo-stage or three-stage evaporator device for condensing water


Model KPT 90002

peeler machine 

Special for peeling onion, carrots, potatoes and similar products


Model KPT 4009

Slicer machine 

special for products such as carrots and potato


Model KPT 2000

carrot top and tail cutting machine 

special for carrot top and tail cutting


Model KPT HBC2019

Carrot dehydration machine 

special for dehydration of Carrot and similar product


Model KPT850 C

weighing and packing machine for... 

special for weighing and packing machine for vegetables


Model KPT 9595

carrots peeler 

special for peeling carrots by brush


Model KPT205c

Shrink labeling(sleeve shrink)... 

Application: attaching label and cover to bottle Cap


Model KPT 6000

elevator machine with final... 

special for final dehydration fan to the packing


Model KPT860 C

sorting bar 

special for transfer and inspect product


Model KPT6008

Mushroom Slicer Machine 

Special for slicing Raw and blanched mushroom


Model KPT 500

cherry, sour-cherry and blueberry... 

for pitter sour cherry and cherry


Model KPT 1000

Grinder machine(meat grinder) 

suitable for pickles,marmalade,meat


Model KPT 1400

slicer machine 

special for slice products such as orange,apple,kiwi,onion,carrots and etc, to sheet shape


Model KPT S96

Automatic slicer machine 

Suitable for a variety of products (carrots, potatoes, eggplant, cabbage, etc.), to stew shape (gheymeh)


Model KPT 2001

slicer machine 

Suitable for a variety of products (carrots, potatoes, eggplant, cabbage, etc.) to a cubic shape


Model KPT P96

peeler machine 

Special for peeling onion, carrots, potatoes and similar products


Model KPT 11000

washing and elevator machine... 

Specific cluster products such as grapes


Model KPT4006

Product elevator machine 

suitable for various kind of fruits and cereals


Model KPT 2007

washing and elevator machine 

Special for washing carrots, cucumbers, eggplants and the like


Model KPT 4008

manual slicer machine 

special for potato and onion


Model KPT17062

Semi-automatic blancher (fryer) 

special for blanching or precooking products such as (mushroom, bean and etc) and also frying products like potato,...


Model KPT 5050


for to blanch or precooking pea, lentil and bean


Model KPT 400170

semi-automatic fryer machine 

frying vegetables such as potato and onion


Model KPT 5151

Helical Blanche machine 

for precooking products such as (olive and etc)


Model KPT 33000


special for tail-stuck products such as cherry,sour cherry and olive


Model KPT ts2020

stem removing 

special for stem removing products such as cherry,sour cherry and olive


Model KPT 10000

Grading machine 

special for grading products such as (cucumber, olive and etc)


Model KPT 4200

The automatic line of canned rice... 

Industrial Packing Company Khorasan is the only manufacturer of The automatic line of canned rice and stew, meat and...


Model KPT2017

Oil and sauce pouring line 

special for meat canned production lines


Model KPT 4001

Filled-can Washer 

for washing the cans after seaming


Model KPT4012

Tubular pre-heater 

Khorasan Industrial Packaging CompanynDevice makernTube tube fairy


Model KPT 3650

Inspection line for controlling... 

To inspect and weighing the Product


Model KPT 3045

Types of product transfer pumps 

Application: Food Transfer


Model KPT TP9656

Drying and cooling tunnel 

Application: drying sterilized bottles in jam , pickles and Mayonnaise sauce production line


Model KPT 2700

Cucumber piercing machine 

for piercing cucumber before filler machine


Model KPT 1800

Exhauster machine 

for temperature uniform of filled cans and supplying vacuum


Model KPT 4000

Liquid Filler Machine (Type B) 

special for non-meat, compote and pickles production lines


Model KPT 4070

Steam shrink labeling machine 

Application: labeling and sheaths seamlessly under the influence of steam energy or thermal energy of electricity


Model KPT2020

soaking and transfer tank 

Khorasan Industrial Packaging CompanynManufacturer of a product wetting tank like rice for wetting product lines ...


Model KPT dSR96

wash and sterile cans machine 

Khorasan Industrial Packaging CompanynDesigner and manufacturernWashing and sterilizing machine. Special canisters for...


Model KPT 4060

Washing and Sterilizing Empty Jars 

Khorasan Industrial Packaging Company


Model KPT 4007

Sand or Stone Separating 

Application: cereals sand separating in conserve production line


Model KPT 3030

Shrink Pack 

Application: products final packing


Model KI 100

Salt -pouring machine 

Application: for meat conservation production lines


Model KPT 5017

The main machinery of Tomato... 

Khorasan Industrial Packing Company, Designer and Manufacturer of Tomato and...


Model A+ - A - B - C

Pickles Production Line Machinery 

Khorasan Industrial Packaging Company , Designer and Manufacturer of Machinery for Production and Packaging of...


Model A+ - A - B - C

Pickled Cucumber Production Line 

Khorasan Packing Tools Company (NMC), Designer and Manufacturer of machinery for production and packaging Pickled...


Model A+ - A - B - C

Line of Putting Mayonnaise 

Round metal cans for a variety of sizes from 1000 to 5000 grams


Model A+ - A - B - C

Canned fish and chicken... 

Basic Machinary of Canned Tuna fish Production Line


Model A+ - A - B - C

honey packaging line machines 

Honey Packaging line 


Model A+ - A - B - C

Non-Meat Production Line 

(Non-meat) Canned Food Production Line


Model A+ - A - B - C

canned Eggplants 

Canned Eggplant Production...


Model A+ - A - B - C



Model A+ - A - B - C



Model A+ - A - B - C

Sorting and Soaking Line 

Sorting and Soaking Line


Model KPTRES20155

easy open gr1000 disk 

easy open gr1000 disk


Model NMC

easy open 500gr disk 

easy open 500gr disk


Model NMC

gr500 disk 

gr500 disk


Model NMC

manual cans straightening machine 

The direction of straightening the edges of the cans destroyed


Model NMC

1000 gr disk 

1000 gr disk


Model NMC


rolls for seam cans


Model NMC

Testing Tools 

Instruments for Leack and Vaccum testing


Model NMC


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