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Industrial Packaging Company Khorasan - designer and manufacturer of machinery

Khorasan Packing Tools (NMC) Company, one of the leading factories in the field of food industry with a brilliant history of over half a century, is proud to have tried over the years to improve the quality and quantity of machinery in food industry. This company, which started its work in 1974 by relying on technical knowledge, creativity and the use of engineering and management techniques and components, has been able to gain a special position nationally and internationally in the field of manufacturing machinery of food production and packaging line, especially compote. , Canned food, jams and condiments. The result of your trust in us is the resume of this company, which is decorated with the names of reputable and well-known domestic and foreign companies and brands.

The research and development (R&D) department of this company has always tried to use the most updated methods in the world in the construction, designing and polishing machines, and in this regard, it has signed many memoranda of understanding with universities and scientific and research institutes.
The employees of this company are our main pillar and capital because they have always been by our side with hard work and creativity in the pathway of the excellence of national production. We have always tried to provide welfare facilities, maintain physical and mental health and increase their awareness and ability. Addressing the overt and covert needs of customers and their satisfaction is at the forefront of the activities of all our employees.
In addition to the general values and beliefs of the business, the company has considered the following as its core values and has also designed control and support mechanisms for these values.
1. Commitment
2. Creativity and innovation
3. Efficiency and effectiveness
4. Attractive appearance of machinery
5. Research and education
6. Applying the gained experiences
We have placed these components in all organizational dimensions as the most important component of growth and we declare development, experience, creativity, knowledge and specialized skills as our superior feature, and finally according to the production goals of customers to promote national production and reduce Dependence on foreign machine manufacturer and raising the standard level of domestic production is always considered as a social mission.
CEO - Mohsen Nasari

Industrial Packaging Company Khorasan - designer and manufacturer of machinery


Khorasan Packaging Co., with more than forty years of experience as one of the most prominent manufacturers of machinery in the modern food industry of the country and considering the presence in global markets, has standards Iso9001-2015, CE Europe and Iran standard.


Khorasan Packing tools Co., with more than forty years of experience as one of the leading manufacturers of modern machinery in the country, and due to its presence in the world markets with a good brand name in 2012 and a great customer-oriented management in 2013.

Organizational chart

Organizational chart

The organizational chart of this company represents the entire organization. The hierarchy and relationships within the organization represent different roles and their relationship.


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