Pre-heaters And Pasteurizers in NMC

Pasteurizer tunnel machine

Pasteurizer tunnel machine

The pasteurizer tunnel unit forms a fully continuous unit in four to five heat zones (boiling zone hot zone cold zone and dry zone), which guarantees the long shelf life of products. Pasteurizer tunnels usually used in paste production and packing line as well as picking and fruit and vegetable canning. Pasteurizing tunnels process is somehow like autoclaving process but it should be noted...

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Tubular Pasteurization

Tubular Pasteurization

The tubular pasteurizer is used in the processing and packaging line of tomato paste in order to eliminate germs, microorganisms, fungi and other decaying factors. Pasteurizers can be either plate heat exchangers or tubular exchangers with an initial heat recovery section in which the cold product is preheated by the warm pasteurized product. plate heat exchangers are used for dilute products...

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Tubular Preheater

Tubular Preheater

The preheater is part of the tomato paste processing line. There is an enzyme in tomatoes called pectin that prevents the ideal viscosity of the paste which is why the preheater is used to inactivate this enzyme. To reach the ideal viscosity, preheater uses both hot and cold breaks and by so the desired quality and color will be guaranteed. In choosing preheater what matters is the quality...

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