Canned Fish Production and Packing Line

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An introduction to Canned Food Production Line (Canned Fish)
Generally in Canning process products are divided into two groups, canning products containing meat, poultry, fish and the like as well as canning products containing fruit, vegetables, beans and so on.
The Capacity of the production Line: The Khorasan Packing Tools Company (NMC) can set the production line based on the need of the customer and the market. Therefore, the capacity of the production line will vary from 5000 cans to 60.000 cans per day.
The cost of the production Line: the price of the production line will vary based on the capacity of the line and the how high tech the line is.
How is it made?
1. Preparation: in this phase the gutting, cutting and cleansing are done.
2. Pre-cooking: In this phase, the meat or fish meat is blanched so that the skin and bone will be removed easily.
3. Cleansing: this phase is done by human or robots, and they are responsible removing skin and bones.
4. Can Feeding: the cans are sterilized and fed to the filling machine
5. Filling: the blanched meat is fitted into cans and made ready for sauce filling.
6. Brine or sauce filling: based on the market preference the cans are filled with oil, brine or sauce.
7. Exhausting: the filled cans should pass through the Exhausting Tunnel in order to create the needed vacuum.
8. Sealing: the lid is put on the cans and sealed to be ready for autoclaving and final cooking. However, it is better that the cans are washed before autoclaving process.
9. Autoclaving: pre-cooking ,final cooking and sterilizing are the processes doe by autoclave under controlled pressure and heat.
10. Final packing: after final cooking the cans are washed and dried and go for labeling, dating and shrink packing

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