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Introduction of canned tuna chicken and meat production machines (canned meat )
About canning production line:
The word canning is derived from the Greek word conserve meaning "to preserve." Canning food in the food industry is a good way to keep the product for a long time. The history of canned food production in the world dates back to the 1790s. Iran first started the production of canned goods in 1316 with the production line of southern canned fish in Bandar Abbas. 31 years later the production lines of canned food were officially recognized in Iran today.
In general canned food is divided into two categories: compotes and non-meat canned food and meat canned food. canned foods include canned fish canned chicken canned fillets canned sausages etc. Canned meat is the main ingredient in canned food while non-meat canned foods such as canned peas canned beans and mushrooms Corn canned canned lentils canned vegetables canned eggplant etc. The main ingredients include a variety of legumes such as beans lentils peas and...
Canned tuna chicken and tuna meat production line or so-called canned meat includes machines for tuna canned chicken canned meat canned beef canned animal feed etc. and with a small amount of difference in the ready stages. Production of machinery required for the production lines of canned food is the same.
In general the production line of canned tuna fish chicken workshop and non-workshop varies in different capacities from 5000 cans to 60000 pieces per day and depending on the production units of the devices in the production line canned meat with low capacity or High capacity canned tuna production line with different capabilities are selected in the production line.
Prices of canned tuna canned chicken and canned meat: The price of canned tuna and non-factory canned lines will be different depending on the capacity of the line and the efficiency and production capacity of the machines.
How can canned tuna and chicken be produced:n The stages of meat canning production generally have 3 main parts which are:
1- Preparation: In this part the fish and chicken are first beheaded and brewed then washed cut into pieces and prepared for cooking.
2- Brining salt water: In this stage the washed and prepared fish are immersed in a solution of saturated saltwater (containing 25% salt) for a certain period to strengthen and flavor the skin of the fish in addition to creating the desired taste and smell.
3- Pre-cooking: The initial cooking causes excess water to come out the texture and firmness of the tissues sterilization of enzymatic activities and reduction of microbial activities.
4- Cleaning the fish stage and separating the fish meat: In this stage the fish is cleaned by the operator from the abdominal waste material and also its bones and blades are separated so that the fillet meat remains without any skin and bones.
5- Cans line: At this stage the operator picks up empty cans on the cans tray. After passing through the washing machine and sterilizing the cans the cans are washed and enter the filling machine through the air duct.
6- Filling: In the filling stage the fish cooked by the worker or by the fish filling machine is placed in a can.
7- Adding salt and oil: To add good taste to the fish water salt and oil solution should be added to the can at this stage by a small oil solution.
8- Creating a vacuum and passing through the exhaust: At this stage the cans pass through the exhaust system after filling. The function of this device is to inject steam into the space inside the can and create a vacuum after closing its lid.
9- Dooring: At this stage the cans are sealed and pressed by an automatic or semi-automatic closing device.
10- Sterilization by automatic autoclave: To create an environment free of microbes and substances that cause fish spoilage the cans enter the semi-automatic or semi-automatic horizontal autoclave after closing. In addition to the final cooking of the product this device sterilizes food and makes the canned food last longer.
11- Washing and packaging: The cans are washed after leaving the autoclave and are ready to be sent to the warehouse. Then the cans are labeled in the warehouse and items such as production date consumption etc. are inserted on it by the jet printer.
Features of Khorasan Bean Packaging Canning Beans Production Line:
Approved by the Vice President for Science and Technology to expedite the receipt of bank facilities
Ability to change the production capacity and production of several products with one production line
Machine design following the requirements of the Standards Office and the Health Department
Ability to run in a different workshop and factory capacities
In line with its long-term goals the company using all its facilities and experienced technical staff to guarantee the trust of esteemed customers guarantees all its products for 18 months and offers a ten-year after-sales service guarantee.
Using the best and highest quality foreign and domestic materials in the production of machinery
Providing consulting services from the beginning of the project to the end of product production including the presentation of plans and maps of production halls and warehouses the layout of machinery piping electrical wiring in three dimensions before the project

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