Three-Head Seamer

Three-Head Seamer - KPT 3H-4009

Automatic 3 head seamer machine is one of the main machines in caning lines like tomato paste, edible oils as well as chemical industry including industrial paints and oils, resin and lubricants. This seamer is specially designed for seaming round metal cans ( size 1000 grams to 5000 grams or can diameter of 99 to 185 mm).
Capacity: Up to 1800 cans per hour

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Technical Details
Machinery’s name Three-Head Seamer
Manufacturer NMC
Model KPT 3H-4009
Function Suitable for cans with maximum dimensions of 250x165 mm, approximately 1000 grams and minimum 250 x 99 mm, approximately 5000 grams
Small and Large food industries
Merits Food or chemical contact parts are S.S304
Rotary seaming techniques (dynamic heads)
Equipped with a sensor and an alarm when the amount of caps or lids reaches to minimum
Equipped with an inverter
Equipped with a control panel and PLC programming
Tabriz mutogen engine, variable speed
Robust and sturdy structure
Capacity 900 to 1800 cans per hour
Functioning System Electromechanical
Energy Consumption Electricity: ~ 2.2 kw
Dimensions(cm) L: ~315 W :~150
Guaranty 18 month
Warranty 10 years
Training, installation, maintenance and repair, supply of spare parts, online technical services
Certificates CE, ISO and IRI standards

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