Tomato, pomegranate Paste and Fruit Puree Production and Packing line

Tomato, pomegranate Paste and Fruit Puree Production and Packing line - A+ - A - B - C

Tomato and Other Fruit paste
Tomato paste is a product to which most foods owe their flavor and color. It is not known exactly when humans
thought that they could retain the color and flavor of tomatoes longer however what everyone believes to be true is that the Italians were the first people to make a tomato paste. To flavor their pastas with a different and new flavor the Italians decided to make a sauce from tomato extract and Cecil and other cities in southern Italy became the cradle of tomato paste.

Tomato paste is one of the nutritious natural and high-quality product that plays an important role in the health of mind and body. This product which is rich in nutrients has beneficial compounds that are not found in large quantities in raw tomatoes. The amount of lycopene which is one of the strong antioxidants in tomatoes is much higher in tomato paste. Also the amount of vitamin C is much higher than raw tomatoes due to the concentration of the paste.
Tomato paste is obtained by removing the skin and seeds of tomatoes and then concentrating the tomato juice by heat. But what steps should our delicious tomatoes take to become a colorful and tasty paste?
After receiving the tomatoes they are washed and sorted to ensure the quality of raw materials then the tomatoes are chopped and enter the process of initial cooking and juicing. The tomato juice enters the condensing platforms and after reaching the desired brix it must be pasteurized so that it can be packaged. The paste can be packaged in cans or jars. So at this stage washing the cans or jars is a priority. Then the washed cans or jars will be filled with our colorful paste and they will be capped. Now it is time to ensure the long-term durability of the product through the Pasteur tunnel. After Pasteur tunnel the product is ready for final packaging and has a colorful presence on the .shelves of shops and supermarkets

Line Capacity:
In general capacity of Tomato Paste production of Khorasan Packing tools varies from 20000 cans to 100000 cans or jars per day. The customers will choose whatever matches their desire and budget from Low capacity to High-Tech-
High capacity Line.

Cost of Production Line:
the price of Tomato Paste Line varies according to the capacity of line and amount of automation of machinery (Semi-automatic Automatic and Full Automatic). To determine the price of the Tomato Paste Line it is necessary to decide on the capacity and output of the line because in terms of current economic problems and different tastes this line is offered with different capacities.

Main Machinery of the Line:
Fragile Fruit Washing Conveyor
Mono Pump
Depot Tanks
Evaporators or Condensing Platform
Tubular Pasteurizer
Washing and Sterilizing Empty Cans or Jars
Pasteurizer Tunnel
Labelling Machine
Shrink Packing

Why should I buy it From Khorasan Packing Tool?
Approved by the Vice President for Science and Technology to expedite the receipt of banking facilities
Ability to change the production capacity and production of several products from one food group with one production line
Upgradable to the worlds most high-tech automation
Designing machines in accordance with the requirements of the standard and the health office
Ability to run in different capacities from low to high capacities
The best and highest quality of work due to the best materials and brand new technology applied
Providing consulting services from the beginning of the project to the end including the consulting on building plans pipes and other utilities mapping layout of machinery location
In pursuit of its long-term goals this company utilizes its full range of technical equipment and experienced technical staff to earn customers trust therefore all its products will be guaranteed for 18 months and provide ten years of after-sales service warranties

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Technical Details
Machinery’s name Tomato, pomegranate Paste and Fruit Puree Production and Packing line
Manufacturer NMC
Model A+ - A - B - C

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