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About the mayonnaise production line:
Mayonnaise is a thick, white, creamy sauce that is served cold. This sauce is an emulsion of vegetable oil , egg yolk, and vinegar or lemon juice and various spices to ensure its flavor. Mayonnaise is prepared by gradually adding oil to other liquids. At the same time, the ingredients inside the container are stirred regularly so that the vegetable oil turns into small particles and spreads evenly into the sauce. Egg yolk provides lecithin, which makes this emulsion stable. Then the resulting mixture is seasoned with salt and other spices.
Production Capacity:
In general capacity of mayonnaise production line of Khorasan Packing Tools varies from 10.000 to 20.000 jars per day. The customers will choose whatever matches based on their desire and budget from Low capacity to High-Tech-High capacity Line.

Cost of Production Line:
the price of mayonnaise production line varies according to the capacity of line and amount of automation of machinery (Semi-automatic Automatic and Full Automatic). To determine the price of the Line, it is necessary to decide on the capacity and output of the line
Main Machinery of the line
A set of tanks with special mixers designed so that they can ensure fine mixing and emulsion.
Vacuum Pump - KPT 4010 (T)
Food transfer pumps are made from stainless steel, Vacuum Pumps are used to convey products with high viscosity or products containing big pieces like fruit pulps and so on. Therefore, they are applicable in production lines like Mayonnaise, Jam, Processed Olives, Pickles, Purees and etc.
Two-Nozzle Filler - KPT 4011 C
This machine is used for filling products with Low and high viscosity, filling products in jars and metal containers. This 2-nozzle filling machine made by Khorasan Packaging Tools Company can be applied in production lines like Mayonnaise, Honey, Date and Grape syrup, Jam and Marmalade and so on.
Capping Machine
Capping Machine is suitable for capping jars and pet containers. This machine is equipped with automatic cap feeder and caps the containers properly without harming them.
Shrink Seal Caps/Shrink Bands - KPT CP6001
If you are looking for a machine to stick (shrink) plastic reels around the cap of jars or so on, Shrink seal cap is the best option for you. This automatic machine is to shrink plastic bands around the cap of jars and other containers. Shrinking plastic bands around the cap not only add to the beauty of your container but also can seal the cap and prevent leakage. Therefore Shrink seal cap is suitable for production lines like Mayonnaise, jams, pickles, sauce and so on or packing lines like bottled water, honey, chemical oil and so on.
Shrink Packing - KI 100
This machine is one of the highly used in food production and packaging lines. It can be used to shrink pack all jars and cans
The shrink tunnel can feed products, seal and cut film and shrink film bag automatically. it is widely used in food, pharmaceutical, auto parts, hardware, electrical appliances and other industry.

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