Makine bal ve marmelat üretim hattı makineleri

Makine bal ve marmelat üretim hattı makineleri

Honey production line
Those who care about health and those who love sweets have one thing in common. They both love the fruit of bees labor.
The sweet and delicious taste of honey and its medicinal properties need not to be explained and praised because people in all parts of the world believe in its magical properties.
Honey is not a product that humans are directly involved in its production what humans have been looking for since the Mesolithic have been collecting honey from beehives. In this way he had always been watching the greater honeyguide bird so that he could find the beehive in the crevices of rocks and trees. Little by little humans began to think about keeping bees and building beehives to collect honey. The Egyptians seem to have been among the first civilizations to build beehives. Today beekeeping farms are well-known troublesome and at the same time profitable. After obtaining high quality honey what a producer should think about is the packaging of this useful product in beautiful containers in a hygienic and standard way. This is where the food industry takes the lead and offers a honey packaging line.
Honey extracted from honey farms contains honey wax is separated from honey by an extractor. But it still contains small particles of honey wax that must be separated (refined) in the factory. This separation operation is done in two ways. The first method is by filtration at a temperature of 50 to 60 degrees centigrade and the second method is by the difference in weight of honey and wax (honey is heavier than wax) which is done in large tanks at a temperature of 50 to 60 centigrade degrees . After refining the honey this product is transferred to the fillers to be filled in the desired containers. It is better that the containers are washed and dried by machines and then the filling operation is done. The cap is then closed and ready for the packing stage which includes labeling and shrink packing.

Line Capacity:
In general capacity of Honey packaging Line of Khorasan Packing tools varies from packing 1000 to 5000 kilos per day.
The customers will choose whatever matches their desire and budget from Low capacity to High capacity Line.

Cost of Production Line:
the price of Honey packaging Line varies according to the capacity of line and amount of automation of machinery (Semi-automatic Automatic and Full Automatic). To determine the price of the Honey packaging Line it is necessary to decide on the capacity and output of the line because in terms of current economic problems and different tastes this line is offered with different capacities.

Main Machinery of the Line:
entral heating
Depot Tank
Refining Platform
Washing and Sterilizing Empty Jars
Capping machine
Labelling Machine
Shrink Packing
Why should I buy it From Khorasan Packing Tool?
Approved by the Vice President for Science and Technology to expedite the receipt of banking facilities
Ability to change the production capacity and production of several products from one food group with one production line
Upgradable to the worlds most high-tech automation
Designing machines in accordance with the requirements of the standard and the health office
Ability to run in different capacities from low to high capacity
The best and highest quality of work due to the best materials and brand new technology applied
Providing consulting services from the beginning of the project to the end including the consulting on building plans pipes and other utilities mapping layout of machinery location
In pursuit of its long-term goals this company utilizes its full range of technical equipment and experienced technical staff to earn customers trust therefore all its products will be guaranteed for 18 months and provide ten years of after-sales service warranties

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