Reçel Çeşitleri Üretim Ve Paketleme Hattı

Reçel Çeşitleri Üretim Ve Paketleme Hattı

About the Jam production line:
A way to preserve fruit is via Jam processing, therefore, in each country, the variety of jam is as many as available fruit in that country. These indispensable parts of breakfast and brunch are highly wanted by customers since making it at home is time consuming. The public interest in this delicious product, turn it to safe investment to start a business.
Main Machinery of the line
Automatic Peeler Machine - KPT 4009
The peeling machine can be used for peeling products such as carrots potatoes and onions. The mechanism of this peeling machine along with the centrifugal pressure of water performs simultaneous primary washing and peeling. It can peal up to 1000 kg per hour
Grater machine - KPT 2000
This machine is ideal for carrot jam and season salad producers so that it can handle a ton of carrots in an hour effortlessly, in addition the grating mesh is easy to change. The meshes size can be from 4 mm to 18 mm .
Semi-Automatic Stem Removal - KPT 10000
stem removing machine used for removing stem from fruits such as sour-cherry, cherry and olive as well as cucumber flowering and is applicable in jam production line, pickle production line, and so on.
Pitting and Destoning Machine - KPT 1000
One of the most frequently used machine in Jam and Juice Production Line is Pitting. The Pitting Machine made by Khorasan Packing Tools is equipped with comb drum and Rubber drum to pit or destone all types of cherries
Dicer and Grinder - KPT 3205s
Crushing and grinding machine: It is capable of grinding products such as carrots, onions, meat and etc. and can be applied in processing and packaging lines for pickles, marmalade, canned food and etc.
Cooking, Processing and Refining Platform - KPT 1754
Cooking, processing and refining platform refers to a set of double-walled tanks that are responsible for cooking, processing and formulation in food lines such as jams, pickles, canned eggplant and olives, and similar ones, and in honey packaging lines for purifying honey from suspended materials and contaminants.
Washing and Sterilizing Empty Jars - KPT 4007
This machine is specialized for washing and sterilizing jars by hot water and steam and is used in production lines where the final product is filled in the jars.
Drying and Cooling Tunnel - KPT 2700
The drying and cooling tunnel is used to dry or cool the washed jars before filling. This machine is generally used for dewatering sterilized jars in jam production lines and cooling of mayonnaise jars.
The design of the drying and cooling tunnel made by Khorasan Packaging Tools Company is all iron with epoxy paint and the transfer belt is made of galvanized mesh
Two-Nozzle Filler - KPT 4011 C
This machine is used for filling products with Low and high viscosity, filling products in jars and metal containers. This 2-nozzle filling machine made by Khorasan Packaging Tools Company can be applied in production lines like honey, date and grape juice, jam and Marmalade and so on.
Production Capacity:
In general capacity of Jam production line of Khorasan Packing Tools varies from 10.000 to 20.000 jars per day. The customers will choose whatever matches based on their desire and budget from Low capacity to High-Tech-High capacity Line.

Cost of Production Line:
the price of Jam production line varies according to the capacity of line and amount of automation of machinery (Semi-automatic Automatic and Full Automatic). To determine the price of the Line, it is necessary to decide on the capacity and output of the line

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