Meyve suyu Çeşitleri Üretim Ve Paketleme Hattı

Meyve suyu Çeşitleri Üretim Ve Paketleme Hattı

Main Machinery of Juice Production and Packing
Drum Lifter or Drum Tilter
Drum Lifter or Drum Tilter is an automatic machine, which needs an operator to press the buttons to empty the Drum or Barrel. Then appearance of the Drum Lifter is steel and can guarantee to fully empty then Drum or Barrel. This efficient machine can mainly be used in Production Lines as Tomato Paste Mayonnaises or Ketchup Canned or conserved Food Jam Pickles and so on.

Formulation Platform
A set of tanks to dilute and formulate the concentrated juice.

Washing and Sterilizing Empty Cans
This machine is used for sterilizing the inner side of cans before being filled. Since the cans might be contaminated in warehouse, it is almost necessary to wash and sterilize it beforehand.
Vacuum Pump
Food transfer pumps are made from stainless steel and are used in the food industry.
This machine is used to convey large pieces of food . Adjustable suction and discharge speeds independently increase efficiency to allow a wide range of products to be pumped. This pump is mostly used for jams, olives, pickles, fruit purees and so on.

Three - Nozzle Filler machine
three Nozzle Filling machine is a linear filler, mainly used in production lines like tomato paste line, fruit pulp and so on. This stainless steel filler can fill 4500 pet containers, jar and cans per hour ( 400 g to 1000 g.). The filler can be equipped with a mixer and a steam jacket to enhance filling and guaranteeing the quality of the filled products.
Exhauster Tunnel
While existence of air is vital to live, it is fatal for food and in long run can lead to food decay. In canning process, it is important to create vacuum in a can and seal it, and mostly it used to be done only with injecting Nitrogen. but now a days, food industry is familiar with a cost-effective way and that the introduction of exhauster machine. Exhauster is a tunnel like machine that cans and jars go through it, they will be warmed and the hot steam will be injected to them. When steam cooled down it will produce the vacuum. The NMC’s Exhauster is a helpful member of many canning lines in Middle East and East Asia.
Filler - Seamer
The automatic filling and seamer with a rotary system for filling and sealing foodstuffs such as edible oil tomato paste as well as industrial motor oil with cans from 99 to 185 mm or 1000 grams to 4000 grams.

Shrink Packing
This machine is one of the highly used in food production and packaging lines. It can be used to shrink pack all jars and cans
The shrink tunnel can feed products, seal and cut film and shrink film bag automatically. It is widely used in food, pharmaceutical, auto parts, hardware, electrical appliances and other industry.

Line Capacity: In general capacity of Juice production and packing line of Khorasan Packing tools varies from 5000 cans to 60000 cans per day. The customers will choose whatever matches their desire and budget from Low capacity to High-Tech-High capacity Line.

Cost of Production Line: the price of Juice production and packing line varies according to the capacity of line and amount of automation of machinery (Semi-automatic Automatic and Full Automatic).

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