Vakum  Pompası

Vakum Pompası

Food transfer pumps are made from stainless steel for the food industry. Vacuum Pumps are used to convey products with high viscosity or products containing big pieces like fruit pulps and so on. therefore they are applicable in production lines like Jam, Processed Olives, Pickles, Purees and etc. Advantages: Increase production speed and productivity Quality assurance of the finished...

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mono pompa

mono pompa

Pump is a familiar device in our everyday life and somehow we can say we have at least one in our home or workplace and as we know, they facilitate transferring Fluids. However, we are not talking about such pumps. what we mean is a pump which is powerful enough to transfer high and low viscosity fluids. Mono pumps can be equipped with a hopper and can be helical. Mono Pumps can be used in...

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Ürün transfer pompası çeşitleri

Ürün transfer pompası çeşitleri

Food transfer pumps are made from stainless steel and are used in the food industry. This machine is used to convey large pieces of food . Adjustable suction and discharge speeds independently increase efficiency to allow a wide range of products to be pumped. This pump is mostly used for jams, olives, pickles, fruit purees and so on. Advantages: Increase production speed and...

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