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Mayonnaise Production and Packing Line

Mayonnaise Production and Packing Line

About the mayonnaise production line: Mayonnaise is a thick, white, creamy sauce that is served cold. This sauce is an emulsion of vegetable oil , egg yolk, and vinegar or lemon juice and various spices to ensure its flavor. Mayonnaise is prepared by gradually adding oil to other liquids. At the same time, the ingredients inside the container are stirred regularly so that the vegetable oil...

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Khorasan Packaging Tools Company is one of the leading factories in the field of manufacturing machinery. Relying on the 50 years hands-on experience and applying the modern technology in producing machinery for food and chemical industry, it has tried over years to improve the quality and quantity of production line whether in food industry or chemical industries.
This company, which started its work in 1974 was able to gain the trust of customer through guaranteeing the efficient function of its machinery, we are proud that our resume is decorated with the names of reputable and well-known domestic and foreign companies and brands.

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Email : info[at]nmc-co[dot]com

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