Automatic Blancher

Automatic Blancher - KPT 400170

This machine is ideal for pre-cooking products such as beans, chickpeas, lentils and more with a capacity of 1.5 to 3 ton per hour in the processing of non-meat production lines.
Blanching or blancher in the food industry will be used to inactivate or disable enzymes. The relatively gentle heat process used in blanching inhibits for the enzymes from activity.
In this process the crops are affected by boiling water or water vapor for a short time and are quickly put in cold water so that they do not become cooked and their appearance does not change appreciably. The device where the blanching process is performed is called blancher. Blanching generally has two ways with boiling water, steam and then cooling.
Blanching Benefits:
Transparent food coloring
Pre-cooked products
Inactivate enzymes
Reduce baking time

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Technical Details
Machinery’s name Automatic Blancher
Manufacturer NMC
Model KPT 400170
Function To blanch
applicable in all canned bean production Lines
Capacity 1.5 to 3 tons per hour depending on the selected dimensions
Used in Small and Large food industries
Merits Made of S.S304
Equipped with a water-resistant and heat-resistant steel control panel
Equipped with P.L.C and H.M.I system and intelligent process control system of different products
Equipped with input hopper vibrator system
Equipped with an exclusive product output hopper system
Equipped with automation piping system
Equipped with an operator platform to enhance checking
Equipped with a washing system that can be connected to the factory CIP station
Equipped with variable speed system (variable speed gearbox and inverter)
Equipped with automatic door opening system
Equipped with advanced product output system from the blancher
Functioning System Electromechanical
Energy Consumption Electricity: ~3 KW
Dimensions(cm) L:~450 to 650
Guaranty 18 month
Warranty 10 years
Training, installation, maintenance and repair, supply of spare parts, online technical services
Certificates CE, ISO and IRI standards

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