Pasteurizer Tub

Pasteurizer Tub - KPT1009

Have you ever noticed the expiration date on food packing? What can lengthen the shelf life of the products and get rid of microbes that cause food decay. The answer to your question is the pasteurization process that in the food industry is usually done through a Pasteurizer Tunnel or a Pasteurizer Tub.
Pasteurizer Tub is a cost efficient solution to lengthen the shelf life and prevent food decay. After the food packed in jars or cans (i.e. canned food or pickles) they will go through Pasteurization Process. Pasteurizer Tub Is equipped with vapor injection and can do the Pasteurization Process directly. This easy process and cost efficient price has turned the Pasteurizer Tub to the customer choice and usually applied in low capacity Production Lines as canned food pickles and so on. Pasteurizer Tub’s desirable size and capacity also attracts the factories’ attention for Production Lines like conserved and canned food Pickles Production Line Jam and Jelly Production Line and Honey Packing Line.

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