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Basket Tilter

Basket Tilter

The Basket Tilter is one of the most suitable tools for transferring meat and fish from the cold storage to the production line. The Basket Tilter made by Khorasan Packing Tools Company is made of 304 steel and is equipped with 10 baskets and is used in Low and High capacity production lines. Advantages : Steel 304 Easy to carry Sturdy structure Equipped with 10 fish carrying baskets

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Conveyor belt is one of the First machines made by Khorasan Packaging Tools Company, which is responsible for transferring products, cans ,jars an so on in production lines. it can also enhance inspection . Additionally, there is always room for this machine in any production line. This conveyor belt is made of P.P and has a durable and beautiful chassis. Merits: Made of S.S304 Robust and...

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Drum Lift & Tilter

Drum Lift & Tilter

As you may know the raw material sometimes enters the factories in Barrels or Drums especially when they are liquid. Also sometimes in the production process it is needed to store some materials in Drums or Barrels and used or add them later. However emptying Drums is a little hard to do since then operator must lift it and then tilt it. Emptying heavy drums at least needs two operators and...

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Rotary Table Feeder (RTF)

Rotary Table Feeder (RTF)

The word traffic is an unpleasant word that reminds of long queues and high volume of cars in certain hours and is one of the problems that should always be sought for. This problem is not just a problem of people and streets sometimes in production lines when the speed of the production line does not match the speed of the operator or when the next operation is time consuming a large volume of...

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Food-Incline Conveyor

Food-Incline Conveyor

Food-incline Conveyor( also known as elevator is used lines for conveying products such as vegetables, carrots, cucumbers, Lentil, beans, mushrooms, onions, cherries, and so on, or put it simply to convey thing upwards and forwards. This simple machine yet versatile is a must in any production line. Advantages: 
Increase production speed and save time Guarantee food safety (prevent...

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Khorasan Packaging Tools Company is one of the leading factories in the field of manufacturing machinery. Relying on the 50 years hands-on experience and applying the modern technology in producing machinery for food and chemical industry, it has tried over years to improve the quality and quantity of production line whether in food industry or chemical industries.
This company, which started its work in 1974 was able to gain the trust of customer through guaranteeing the efficient function of its machinery, we are proud that our resume is decorated with the names of reputable and well-known domestic and foreign companies and brands.

Address : No. 340 11 st. Sanat blvd. Phase 1 Tous Industrial Estate
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Email : info[at]nmc-co[dot]com

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