Good-looking Eggplant or what British call Aubergine is a plant species in the nightshade family. This wonderful vegetable is a frequent guest on the kitchen table. Therefore it is also so wanted in Food Production Lines as caned eggplants (khaviar bademjan) pickled Eggplants canned Mirza-Ghasemi and so on. To prepare for production process it is essential to remove its stem (also called head). Previously, cutting off the eggplant’s stem was done by hand which was slow and somehow dangerous.
The R&D Department of NMC Company designed a machine to remove its stem and prevent any accident. To remove the stem, it is enough to place the eggplant in the feeder part so that the electro mechanical system separates its stem convey them to the tub in front of the machine waiting for the next stage of the production process.

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تفاصيل تقنية
Function Removing the stem of eggplant and so on.
applicable in Canned Food Production Lines like Canned eggplants, Pickles or etc
Used in Small and Large food industries
Merits made of S.S 304
Equipped with operator’s safety system
equipped with waste disposal channel
strong structure
Capacity 750 kilos per hour
Functioning System Electromechanical
Energy Consumption Electricity: ~0.75KW
Dimensions(cm) L: ~80 W: ~50
Guaranty 18 month
Warranty 10 years
Training, installation, maintenance and repair, supply of spare parts, online technical services
Certificates CE, ISO and IRI standards

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