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Advice and visit the line

The Khorasan Packing Tool Company, according to your request, will take industrial advice from the first step to the results, and will visit the premises of the industrial unit and provide general advice at the site. In this way, the industrys oldest experts will be used.


• Improving the quality of finished and final products
• Increase production speed
• More accurate and faster quality control
• Reduce waste and dispose of products in production
• Increase the productivity of industrial units according to their investment level
• Raise the safety of manpower and reduce the employees mental and physical pressures
• Develop and increase the profitability of the entire product line
• Secure user and inappropriate non-stop and repeatability of activities and processes
• Fast support when stopping the production line
• Khorasan Packing tools Company will plan the above measures in line with the above objectives, in accordance with the customers economic conditions.


The Khorasan Packaging Company provides installation and commissioning services in a way that works as accurately as possible and in accordance with the customers opinion at the earliest opportunity.
• Precise design of machinery for installation and operation
• Fundamental planning of the plan based on economic production potential
• Proper timing for launching machines to market in accordance with the needs of the target market
• The presence of the companys experts at the site to eliminate possible defects and achieve a proper start-up of production, with no shortages and more productivity than time, production and resources.

Repair and restoration and maintenance

• Increase the useful life of machinery and save on the purchase of new machines
• Increase the efficiency of machinery.
• Increased overall machine performance
• Decreased repairs of machinery.
• Preventing the spread of defects and possible defects
• Addressing minor deficiencies before requiring general repairs
• Preventing interruptions in production by replacing worn parts before the fracture and disabling the device and preventing damage caused by interruptions in operation.
• Increasing the workforce efficiency
• Reduced overall repairs and repetitions
• Improved product quality
Khorasan Packing Tool Company is in line with the above objectives, with the diagnosis and determination of the cost of repairs of the device and coordination with the service unit.

Supply parts

The Khorasan Packing Tool Company in order to provide customer service better and solve needs in the shortest time provides parts for the machinery.

Supply of laboratory equipment

The Khorasan Packing Tool Company supplies and supplies the necessary laboratory equipment for the food industry to train and use the tools needed for optimal use.

Special orders

If you have a new idea that is consistent with the production process in the food industry, and on the other hand, you want to make the project in an optimal economic framework and productivity. The Khorasan Packing Tool Company can provide the platform for your idea. With the assistance of the technical experts, we have conducted the studies necessary to foster this idea, designing it and implementing it. At the end of this project, we will be supporting you.

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