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Soaking Platform

Soaking Platform

Soaking Tanks or platform is one of the most widely used machinery in the processing lines of canned food Such as beans, Hummus, etc. It is equipped with a steel platform with a aluminum surface and also equipped with 9 tanks the capacity of each is 5000 liter , in addition each tank is equipped with grill & gutter channels. Advantages: All tanks equipped with shaker and fluid temperature...

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Soaking Tank

Soaking Tank

This machine is part of the peripheral machinery of the production lines and it is used to soak and transfer products like rice and beans. The Tank is made of Stainless Steel 304 on an Iron chassis covered with 3 layer epoxy paint. it is equipped with wheels to enhance transferring. Advantages: Increase product’s health Decrease waste Easy to work with Practical and effective

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This company, which started its work in 1974 was able to gain the trust of customer through guaranteeing the efficient function of its machinery, we are proud that our resume is decorated with the names of reputable and well-known domestic and foreign companies and brands.

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