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Importance of the Exaster machine:nThe Exaster machine mirrors the canning or canning industry because one of the reasons for canning is vacuum inside containers.nHow the vacuum to exist in the used containers?nIn the Factories are told to fill hot the product in canned or compote and try to empty about a half to one centimeter into the cans.nWhen the containers are filled with hot product and empty space is created to the extent that steam can be emitted from the cans, if at the same time the cans or jars are closed and after the pasteurization or final baking process by tunnel or autoclave Doing so will try to cool immediately after passing through hot or baking dishes.nWhen cooled, the steam in the empty space above the containers turns into water droplets, which is said to be a canned miracle, which fills the vacuum, leaving the product free of Oxygen and this is the best reason for shelf life.nWhat is Exaster's task?nWhen the can is full of products, if the crop is hot and the can is hot, there is no need for an exaster because we are witnessing steam evaporate.nBut if for any reason we can't pour hot product into the can (such as tuna) or if the hot can for any reason the cannot be completely hot at this point after the cans are filled heat exchange will not have boiling point and steam This is where exaster helps and the cans are heated before full sealing and are then injected into the empty cans through the exaster. In the process of finalizing our pastur and baking we will have a vacuum in the empty space.nSignificance of Exacter:nThe Exacter is placed at the end of the packing process and acts as a fuse to cover problems caused by the hot jars or jars.nExeter length:nIn lines that cans are likely to be hot or less hot, the length of the exaster may be higher than that of the cold (the tuna lines require about 6 meters of exaster (because the can is not too hot to fill

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