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The tubular pasteurizer is used in the processing and packing of tomato paste and is capable of killing germs, micro-organisms, fungi and spoilers under indirect heat.n Pasteurizers in different models:nA: tubular pasteurizer for products that have high Brix viscosity (tomato paste, ketchup, etc.)nB: Spiral hose pasteurizers work for high-capacity Brix-viscosity products, and their specialty is capacity change, which can be easily increased without altering the mechanism of the machine.nC) Pasteurizer Plate: Used for dilute products (Milk juice or similar and are generally packaged in Cold filled).nVariety of pasteurizers and their choice in the food industry:nAs mentioned above, the tomato paste industry is mainly used for tubular pasteurizers and in particular for tube pasteurizers, which vary in size depending on their choice of capacities, but as mentioned earlier, most factories are mainly used for picking units and Canned foods do not use pastor because of the type of product, and after packing with regular and careful use of Exacter + Pasteur tunnel or autoclave.nIn most factories in the compote, canned and seasoning industries, a device called pasteurizer is used to prevent bacterial growth and to maintain the canned shelf life. At the aforementioned factories, some have hot fill (hot filling) and some have cold fill (cold filling).nExample: In tomato paste and seasoning factories for to raise vacuum in the cans they work hot fill which means they do not use the cold part but instead they use of this part after pack it in autoclave and/or tunnel pasteurizer after complete cooking.

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