Rotary Table Feeder (RTF)

Rotary Table Feeder (RTF) - KPT125

The word traffic is an unpleasant word that reminds of long queues and high volume of cars in certain hours and is one of the problems that should always be sought for. This problem is not just a problem of people and streets sometimes in production lines when the speed of the production line does not match the speed of the operator or when the next operation is time consuming a large volume of cans and Jars congest in the line. The depot tray or traffic tray is the device that solves this problem.
Rotary Table Feeder is a beautiful way to control the traffic of canned food in production lines. This machine is made of stainless steel. This machine prevents the incoming cans from collapsing and feed them into a tray that rotates and provides the ability to depot several cans or jars on its tray so that the operator has the opportunity to remove the products from the production line.
This machine is not only used to control product traffic but can also be used as a connection point between two lines. Regarding this machines that are common between two or more production lines (for example canned bean production line and canned eggplant production line) are removed and the continuation of the production line is done by joint machines. This reduces the cost of investing in the factory and thus reduces the cost of the product and allows a competitive price for the final product. With this system it is possible to share two production lines with different capacities and sizes of cans or jars.
Simplicity of work process and reasonable price have made it used in canned meat and non-meat production lines pickle production line jam and honey and marmalade production line.

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