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Fragile Fruit Washing Conveyor

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Strawberries, berries, figs and thousands of delicious needs to be washed before sitting on the supermarkets’ shelves or being used in In food production lines; however, through washing, its texture must stay fine. The R&D section of our company designed a solution for such fruits; i.e. a machine which can wash it thoroughly and keep the texture fine. The design of this machine prevents from decay and being struck while washing therefore the fruit appearance won’t be changed.
The Washing Conveyor for vulnerable products will use air blowers to remove contaminants from the product, and other washing steps are performed carefully to keep the texture of the product fine. One of the most important advantages of the Washing Conveyor is that it is equipped with a water circulation pump to reduce water consumption. This Washing Conveyor is applied in Jam production line, fruit packing line. The other advantage of Washing Conveyor is its speed and optimal performance at the same time while maintaining product quality.

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