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Cube slicer is a semi-automatic stainless steel machine that is used to cutnor slice products such as potatoes, onions, carrots, etc. in the shape of anrectangle. Due to its suitable dimensions and price, this machine can be usednin workshops and grocery stores, restaurants and fast food, and also due to itsnhigh speed and efficiency in high-capacity production factories and productionnlines such as Jamnproduction line, canned meat production line, pickle production line, Ready-madenproduction line .

One of the advantages of this machine is its high speed and efficiency. Thencube cutter/ slicer has a production capacity of 400 kg per hour. Anothernadvantage of the cube cutter is the ability to change the size of the finalnproduct. Other advantages of this device include the operator's intelligentnsafety system. This system has caused the operator to have the least amount ofnhand intervention and in addition to maintaining the health of the product,nprevent dangerous accidents for the operator. The blades used in this machinenare made of spring steel, which is resistant to rust and corrosion. The machinenoperates so that by inserting the product in the Feeder installed at the top ofnit and pressing the lever, the product is cut in cubes at high speed. The cuttingnsystem of the Machine is another advantage of it which is designed in such anway that it can be easily washed with water after each use. All these strengthsnand advantages have turned it to worthful machine in relation to its cost andnthe desire of factories to use it in their production lines.

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