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The frying machine is an ideal machine for frying potatoes, onions and the like, in this baking method in which food is immersed in hot oil. Because of the high temperature of the oil, it cooks very quickly and, if done correctly, does not cause excess fat in the food because it eliminates the moisture in the food. The hot oil warms the water inside the food, so the water evaporates and the oil cannot steam. As long as the oil is hot enough and the food is not immersed in the oil for long enough, the penetration of the oil is limited to the outer surface. If the food is cooked in the oil for a long time, much of its water is lost and the oil begins to penetrate the food's tissue. The correct frying temperature depends on the thickness and type of food, but in most cases it is between 175-190 ° C.nIt also has the ability to fry food semi-automatically.nAdvantages:nEasy operationnSturdy structure: Made of 304 stainless steelnwaste reduction

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