Cooking Platform

Cooking Platform

Cooking platform is a set of tanks for Processing and cooking products for a variety of lines. The tanks are equipped with mixers and are double-walled, therefore the process in them happens smoothly and thoroughly while maintaining the required temperature. Controlling and inspection is also enhanced in this platform since it is equipped with a lift and operator can easily check inside of the tanks.
Reduced labor force and human error
Beautiful design and solid structure
Increase productivity and speed of production

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تفاصيل تقنية
Function To process or cook foods or to refine honey
Used in Small and Large food industries
Merits Tanks and piping are made of S.S304 and the platform is Iron covered with 3 layers of epoxy paint
Equipped with2 double-walled tanks
Each tank 650 lit. and is equipped with a mixer, valve, pressure manometer and trap)
Equipped with a control panel
Equipped with a lift
Equipped with 304 steel pipes connecting the tanks to each other and finally to the platform outlet
Capacity Each tanks is about 650 Liters
Functioning System Electromechanical
Energy Consumption Electricity: ~ 4 kw
Dimensions(cm) L: ~500 W :~170
Guaranty 18 month
Warranty 10 years
Training, installation, maintenance and repair, supply of spare parts, online technical services
Certificates CE, ISO and IRI standards

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