Pickles Production and Packing Line

Pickles Production and Packing Line

Main machinery of Pickling Processing and Packing Line
Sizer or Grader
Since the products usually enter the factory, they need to be sized and sorted in order to maintain the quality of the final product.
Washing Conveyor
In this phase, the products should be washed to ensure that the products are free of any contamination. After they are washed, they move to a sorting line. In this phase, the products are checked again so that if any does not reach the quality criteria, they will be removed.
Stem Removal
Some crops like cucumber, olives, cherries and so on have stem or flower that will effect the visual quality of the final product, therefore, they will be removed by Stem Removal Machine

Vegetable Slicer
vegetables slicing machine is ideal for pickle and salad producers which can be used for cutting or slicing celery, lettuce, cabbage, cauliflower, cucumber, carrot, green beans, peppers and the like.
Punching Machine
Punching Machine is used in pickled cucumber production lines that punches all cucumbers in the production process so that salt and vinegar are better absorbed, therefore, the quality of the final product will increase.

Dicer and Grinder
Dicing and grinding machine is capable of grinding products such as carrots, onions, meat and etc. and can be applied in processing and packaging lines for pickles, marmalade, canned food and etc.

Industrial pot or rotating pot
Sometimes vegetables need to be pre-cooked or blanched and Industrial pot are useful for this purpose. These pots are made of stainless steel and are equipped with a steam jacket. The steam wall prevents direct heating and burning of the food and maintains its pleasant taste and food quality. The design of this device allows complete emptying of the product easily.
Vegetable Filler
The Filling Machine is fully automatic and is used to fill cucumber, olives ,garlic and the like in jars and cans. It be can be used in the pickle processing and packing lines.
Washing and Sterilizing Empty Jars
This machine is specialized for washing and sterilizing jars by hot water and steam and is used in production lines where the final product is filled in the jars.
Automatic Filler (single nozzle)
This Automatic Filler is mainly used for filling concentrated and semi-concentrated liquids It is equipped with a depot tank which help to mix or keep the product warm during filling process. The programmable logic controller (PLC) adds to the accuracy of this machine.

Liquid Filler
This machine is one of the most important machines in the canning and pickling line. It is placed after the filling machine and fills sauce, brine or other liquids

Cooking, Processing and Refining Platform

Cooking, processing and refining platform refers to a set of double-walled tanks that are responsible for cooking, processing and formulation in food lines such as jams, pickles, canned eggplant and olives, and similar ones, and in honey packaging lines for purifying honey from suspended materials and contaminants.

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