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The preheater is part of the tomato paste processing line. There is an enzyme in tomatoes called pectin that prevents the ideal viscosity of the paste, which is why the preheater is used to inactivate this enzyme, which is used in both hot and cold breaks and generally for To achieve the final product with the desired quality, color and ...., the HotBrake method is used. In the tomato paste production line, the tomatoes are transferred to the preheater and heated with the above two methods to soften. The texture of the product becomes the product and ultimately facilitates the purification process to bring the product to the desired temperature to 85 ° C. The grade increases the quality of the finished product and the water vapor enters the preheater wall and indirectly causes the product to soften and heat up. Dimensions and sizes of this machine depend on the capacity of the product. Heaters used in terms of the quality of the alloy and the smoothness of its boiling points and the technical specifications of the steam and product inlet as well as the heating timing must have world-class metrics because either of these interferes with the work process or The end product is either burned or degraded and reduced production efficiency.
High strength
Quality alloy
Detailed technical specifications

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